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Padres rookie Hunter Renfroe hit a home run on top of the Western Metal Supply Co. roof

Padres rookie outfielder Hunter Renfroe had a pretty good game on Tuesday night. He hit a three-run homer and a grand slam, driving in all the Padres' runs in their 7-1 win over the Dodgers and setting a Padres record. Yeah, pretty good. But how good could it have really been, when neither of those home runs landed on top of a building?
His two-run homer during the Padres' 6-5 win on Wednesday night, on the other hand:

There's demolishing a baseball, and then there's whatever Renfroe did to José De León's pitch in the third inning to send it all the way to the Western Metal Supply Co. building roof. Seriously, his only company are players who weren't even playing in a real game.

Did we mention it was only Renfroe's seventh game in the Majors? He's certainly doing a fine job introducing himself to the fans in San Diego -- no matter where they're sitting.