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Manny Machado is insanely good at baseball and he has fun playing it, too

Manny Machado is good at baseball. Like, really good at baseball. Only 22 years old, the third baseman is coming off a year when he bashed 35 home runs, stole 20 bases and won a Gold Glove. It would probably be really easy to just sit back then and get bored with everything. 
Sure, he could do that, but he doesn't. Facing the Tigers on Wednesday night, Machado made a diving stop on Andrew Romine's grounder down the line and threw from his knees over to Chris Davis for the out. 
While the play was nice, the real highlight was the smile. A giggling, gleeful smile that lights up a room and brings joy to the world. 

It's one thing to be good at your job, it's another to love it with an infectious enthusiasm that spreads like melted butter over a piece of toast. 
Of course, that smile was a little short-lived as Machado was ejected in the sixth inning. All things in balance, I suppose.