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Let's watch Mariano Rivera break Ryan Klesko's bat three times during a single plate appearance

Mariano Rivera, who turned 47 on Tuesday, has had quite a career. In addition to holding the MLB record for saves (652) and games finished (952), he has five World Series rings, 13 All-Star Game selections and an award named after him. He's also one of the few ballplayers capable of turning full-grown adults into quivering puddles of emotion:

That includes the guys who had to come up to bat when he was on the mound, who were presumably quivering with fear. Let's throw it all the way back to Game 4 of the 1999 World Series, when Mo broke then-Braves first baseman Ryan Klekso's bat three times in a single at-bat:

Look, we know they called him "Sandman" because of his Metallica entrance song, but it could also be because Mo's cutter was more powerful than the forces of erosion. Maybe he only retired because he knew he would eventually reduce every single bat in the universe to mere particles, and he just couldn't let that happen.