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Watch Mark Melancon troll his teammates (and Lou Seal) in the Giants' new commercial

The bullpen was perhaps the Giants' Achilles' heel at the end of last season -- even if they came within a few lucky bounces of defeating the Cubs in the NLDS. The team looked to rectify that in the offseason by signing Mark Melancon to a four-year, $62 million deal
The Giants want to make sure you haven't missed the news with a new ad campaign centered around their brand-new closer literally closing things. He takes on Brandon Crawford's trunk when he's not looking, locks Lou Seal out of the building and snaps shut the lid to Buster Posey's pretzels. As a fan of pretzels, I can tell you: You don't ever close another person's snacks. 
Check out the ad below: 

Of course, we can also assume Melancon is the only one allowed to drink coffee in the clubhouse, too. For we all know: Coffee's for closers