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Trevor Rosenthal and Yadier Molina just invented the wild pitch trick shot

Picture this: It's the top of ninth inning of Saturday's D-backs-Cardinals game. There are two outs, and the bases are loaded. All Trevor Rosenthal has to do to seal a St. Louis victory is dispatch Jean Segura. Segura fouls off the first pitch. That's strike one. The drama is high -- what happens next?

Apparently, he and Yadier Molina decided it was time to debut their wild pitch trick shot. Sure, you could say that Yadi just got a little crossed up and that's why the pitch bounced off the backstop. But come on, look at his smooth reaction! This is obviously a routine they've been working on:


It's like those trick shots in pool, where you bounce it off the edge of the table before it goes in the pocket. Sadly, the umpire did not immediately call Segura out (even though Yadi caught it in fair territory). Apparently just because something looks cool doesn't mean you can just change all the rules of your sport to accommodate it.

But don't worry -- Rosenthal struck him out anyway, and the Cardinals finally won, 6-2.