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This Twins fan's reaction to a foul ball is your new favorite horror movie

The Twins shut out the White Sox, 6-0, on Saturday. Nothing seemed particularly unusual about the game … until the ninth inning, when Logan Schafer came up to the plate.
The first pitch to Schafer was a ball. The next was a strike. He fouled off the one after that, then saw another ball. He fouled off the next one and then … (Start singing the theme from "Psycho" to yourself now.)

What happened to this young Twins fan during Shafer's at-bat? Did a ghost appear? Did a witch fly by? After all, it was the first day of October, and that's just 30 days from Halloween. Maybe the spirits are getting an early start.
OK, OK, fine -- maybe the foul ball just got a little too close for this fan's comfort. But we don't know there wasn't a ghost involved somehow, and you can't take that away from us.