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A young fan at Safeco experienced the electrifying power of a cotton candy sugar high

Among ballpark foods, nothing appeals to kids more than cotton candy. It's funny, really, since it's hard to understand just what's so appealing about a big, colorful bushel of food coloring and sugar (tons of sugar) that creates a big, sticky mess when it's shoveled into your mouth -- OK OK, maybe it does make sense. 
For this young Mariners fan at Wednesday's 8-3 win over the Rangers at Safeco Field, however, there was simply nothing better or more amazing than a face full of cotton candy. I mean, when's the last time you were this excited about anything? 

As we've seen time and time again, a day or night at the ballpark can bring out all kinds of emotions from children -- but cotton candy seems to be the quickest way to elicit a quick-shot of facial expressions.
Here's hoping the post-sugar high crash comes in time for the drive home ...