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These kids had the best night ever after one of them was given a foul ball

Ah, to be a kid at the ballpark. So many sights to see, so much junk food to eat, so much baseball to watch. If fate picks you out of the crowd, you may end up going home with a baseball, too!
That's what happened to a young girl during the Nats' 5-1 win over the Pirates at Nationals Park on Friday night. Trea Turner hit a grounder down the third-base line, where it was picked up by the ballgirl.
She then flipped it into the girl's waiting hands, setting off a precious moment of absolute bliss and enthusiasm that included some great hugs and, apparently, at least one excited attempt to pry the ball from her hands:

That young lady is now the proud owner of an official MLB baseball. The other kids? Well, they're now the not-so-proud owners of some serious jealousy, probably.
However, even the kids that went home without that special memento did learn a valuable lesson: Don't give up, because next time might be your time.