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Wake up early and travel to Reds camp with Michael Lorenzen on Snapchat Day

Ever wonder what goes on in the day of the life of a Major League ballplayer during Spring Training? Then you're in luck as Reds pitcher Michael Lorenzen pulled back the curtain and let you in on his morning routine on Snapchat Day
The first thing that may just surprise you? Just how early Lorenzen is up and getting ready. The usual expectation is that ballplayers get to sleep in, goof around in the morning and stay up late. Not so, at least during Spring Training. If you stayed in bed past 6:02 this morning, congratulations, you're better off then a Major Leaguer. 

Also, just check out the amazing height on his hair. That's Morrissey-esque and I'm very jealous: 

You can even see Lorenzen and his roommate do a little "practice before practice" by playing a little indoor baseball. They're just lucky my Mom wasn't around to tell them no playing ball in the house. 

After arriving to Reds camp, Lorenzen talked about how much he enjoyed his Snapchat adventure. The pitcher told's Mark Sheldon, "It's a way of showing fans that we're normal people and I'm just enjoying my day, enjoying work. It's a good way to give people an insider's look at what we do on an everyday basis." 
The pitcher continued, sharing his artistic vision for the Snap. "You try and find something good happening, something quick and interesting that the fans like."