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Fans at Angel Stadium said farewell to Vin Scully with a standing ovation

It's Vin Scully's 67th and final season calling Dodgers games, which means that each game brings a new "last" for the legendary broadcaster. Thursday night was yet another. 

Scully travels with the team when it visits the Angels (and hopes to make it to all of MLB's California ballparks this year), so the Dodgers' 7-4 loss in Anaheim, which concluded the 2016 Freeway Series, was the last time Scully would call a game from Angel Stadium. And so, it was the last chance for the team and its fans to say goodbye to their neighbor. 

Before the game, the Angels organization toasted Scully and gave him a few gifts, including a microphone from his first-ever broadcasting job:

And during the game, the fans at Angel Stadium gave him a standing ovation. Scully returned in kind:


Expect a few more standing O's between now and October, Vin.