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Vin Scully telling Willie Mays that he was always 'my favorite player' will melt your icy heart

With Vin Scully wrapping up his 67-year career on Sunday, every baseball fan around the world has unburdened their hearts with every sweet thought they've ever had of the broadcasting legend. That included Giants fans during San Francisco's 3-0 victory over the Dodgers on Saturday: 
Before Scully wraps it up and heads for home, he has a few things he needs to say, too. Talking to Willie Mays before the game, Scully told the legendary center fielder, "You've always been my favorite player, even though you wore the wrong uniform." 

If watching these two greats giggling with each other doesn't make your smile burst through your cheeks and your body become overwhelmed with endorphins, I'm sorry, but you may be a replicant