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The last time three runs scored on a sac fly, Vlad Guerrero was involved

Friday's Pirates-Marlins game produced easily the weirdest play of the season thus far: With the bases loaded, Starlin Castro lifted a harmless sac fly to right field ... during which three runs somehow came around to score. Naturally, some shenanigans were involved:


Gregory Polanco's throw home was late, and catcher Elias Diaz's ensuing throw down to second sailed high, allowing the other two runners to score easily. 

But if baseball history has taught us anything, it's that there's nothing new under the sun -- and sure enough, the play above wasn't even the first time a regular ol' sac fly has plated three runs. To prove it, let's go back in time to July 7, 2000, when Sisqo was still a thing and madness reigned in that night's Blue Jays-Expos game.

Montreal led, 6-5, in the bottom of the eighth and brought Orlando Cabrera to the plate with the bases loaded. Cabrera lifted a 3-1 offering from Julio Borbon to center field, hoping to tack on an insurance run for closer Steve Kline. He wound up getting a whole lot more:

Sac fly

The ball bounced off center fielder Jose Cruz's glove, at which point things went totally off the rails: Cruz scrambled to the ball and threw it back in to shortstop Chris Woodward, who promptly also dropped it -- allowing Vlad Guerrero and Chris Widger (who nearly passed Vlad despite being the trail runner) to come home. 

So, just your classic E8/sacrifice fly/E6 on the scorecard. Never change, baseball.