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Vladimir Guerrero finally explained why he's so great at hitting balls on the bounce

Vladimir Guerrero is one of four newly elected members into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He, along with Jim Thome, Chipper Jones and Trevor Hoffman got the call Wednesday and were introduced to the media on Thursday. And on MLB Network, we were gifted with a special treat from Guerrero when he explained his knack for hitting balls on the bounce.

It's true. He could hit the ball anywhere, off any type of pitch, and Carlos Pena (and the rest of the baseball world) were curious to find out the method behind his madness. Pena translated for Vlad as he explained a game he would play as a kid called "La Plaquita."
In this game, a form of cricket, batters would have to protect a license plate or some sort of sign propped up behind them. You can watch a pickup game here.

"That really helped him become a bad-ball hitter," Pena said.
It sure did.
Click the clip atop the post to listen to the entire interview.