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Former MLB star Wally Joyner has a gigantic horse barn attached to his house

Wally Joyner spent 16 years in the Major Leagues, and like a lot of MLB All-Stars, that career has allowed him to live in a pretty sweet house. Joyner's mansion isn't just any old mansion, however: His comes with a nearly 40,000-square-foot horse barn attached to it.

Joyner's wife, Lesley, rides competitively, so when Wally's playing career wrapped up, the couple decided to build the equestrian estate of their dreams in Mapleton, Utah. The house is cool enough on its own -- there are two manmade ponds and a jacuzzi, after all -- but the headliner is the barn, which comes complete with 22 stalls and a 18,600-square-foot riding ring. (While Wally himself doesn't ride horses, he does use the ring to play some rec ball.)
The best part? Now that the Joyners' four children are grown, the couple is looking to downsize, which means this place could be yours -- provided you have $7.9 million lying around.