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This Minor League game was delayed by, wait for a it, a goat

(Clair, Michael)

Have you ever read those strange baseball stories from the game's early days -- with players wearing straw hats and players showing up to play in fake beards and costumes-- and wished they still existed? Don't worry, they do! They're happening all the time if you just look in the right places. 
On Thursday night, that right place was in State College, Pa., when the Batavia Muckdogs (the Class A affiliate for the Marlins), took on the State College Spikes (an affiliate for the Cardinals). Because a goat managed to sneak its way onto the field following the same entrance that the team's mascot, the Nookie Monster, uses. (In case you're wondering, he enters from a nook. He is not named for the Limp Bizkit song. I think.)
Yes, that's right: A baseball game ... in 2016 ... was delayed by a goat. 

Given that the Cubs are running away with the NL Central, and they are associated with the curse of the billy goat, could this moment be a portent of things to come?
Or, should the Spikes sign this goat to a contract and play it in the outfield every day? After all, there's nothing in the rulebook that says a goat can't play baseball. 
Watch the the full goat-filled video below: