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Watch Charlie Blackmon avoid Freddie Freeman's tag with a dance craze-ready twisting dive

Come this fall, you may notice a strange new dance move taking over every nightclub, discotheque and dance hall in America. Like the Charleston, Electric Slide and even the Batusi, we're sure that Charlie Blackmon's swim move in the top of the sixth during the Rockies' 1-0 loss to the Braves on Sunday will inspire the next dance craze.
Just watch as the ol' arm switcheroo leaves Freeman grasping at air. 

So how will the dance look? Glad you asked:
Step one: dive your head forward and then pull it up -- kind of like you were a human snake. This is to replicate the act of slilding without going on the floor. 
Step two: Dart your right arm out at face height and then quickly snap it back. 
Step three: Swing your left arm in a small circle and snatch at the air. 
Step four: Repeat forever.