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Gaze in wonder at new Red Sox pitcher Drew Pomeranz's amazing curveball

The Red Sox are assembling an A-Team of pitching specialists. They've got Steven Wright throwing physics-breaking knucklers. There's sinkerballing Rick Porcello and splitter-tossing Koji Uehara. They recently acquired the submarining changeup artist Brad Ziegler .

With the Sox tied with the Blue Jays for second-place in the AL East coming out of the All-Star Break, the team knew what they needed to do: trade for curveball artist Drew Pomeranz . Though the team had to give up their No. 4-ranked prospect, Anderson Espinoza, they received a 27-year-old All-Star with a knuckle curve that belongs in an art museum. 

Watch as the pitch forces Mark Texeira to make the same face one would make during the climax of "Paranormal Activity." 


And marvel at its arc toward the heavens before it comes crashing to Earth. There's enough movement that the very ground seems unstable beneath the feet of Major League athletes. 


This year, Pomeranz has thrown the pitch 710 times and batters are hitting just .197 against it and have yet to hit a home run. So just sit back and enjoy this work of art on repeat before he throws it for the first time as a Red Sox.