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Faced with another throw to first base, Jon Lester needed to throw his whole glove

Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Self
These are the conflicts that make up nearly all stories. But for Jon Lester, you may want to add Man vs. First Base. 
Known for his reluctance for pick-off attempts, Lester finally snapped his lengthy streak without one last season -- though the occasional throw has still been a bit of a bugaboo
When the Cubs took on the Pirates on Wednesday afternoon, Lester fielded a ground ball and was prepared to throw to first. Except, what's that? His own glove betrayed him -- again!? No one could have seen this twist coming!

But with quick thinking, Lester revealed that he would not be felled by this mishap. In this story, it is humankind and its endless capacity for ingenuity that proved victorious. 
As Lester told's George Von Benko after the game: 
"I feel like I've down a pretty good job of taking care of my glove and make sure I don't have any holes or it's loose or anything like that and of course today it finds that hole. But an outs an out. Obviously not ideal you never want to throw your glove with the ball in it, too many things can happen, but like I said an outs an out."