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Kevin Kiermaier fell for one of Chris Sale's fastballs ... literally

Few have had the opportunity to go up against six-time All-Star Chris Sale. But we can imagine it would be difficult … and perhaps fearful.
When Sale took the mound on Friday night as the Rays hosted the Red Sox, it was Kevin Kiermaier's turn to face the lefty in the top of the third. With a 2-2 count, Sale smoked a two-seam fastball past Kiermaier, who fell for it -- literally -- striking him out.

This was an interesting at-bat for Kiermaier, however. The first four pitches during the five-pitch at-bat were sliders that measured below 80 mph, followed by that 92.3 mph two-seamer. Take a look at the graphic provided by Statcast:

Not the easiest of tasks for Kiermaier, or anyone for that matter.