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Watch Nick Pivetta battle Daniel Mengden and the A's in a rain-delay standoff

It was an hour and 46-minute rain delay that caused a stir of events when the Phillies topped the A's, 5-3, on Saturday night. Yes, there was water everywhere, that goes without saying, but Nick Pivetta took it upon himself to brave the rain and turn it into a friendly standoff.

Pivetta sat in the dugout while most of his teammates took shelter in the clubhouse. In his winter hat, he sat under a torn-up trash bag, in addition to the one he was wearing. He was not on this journey alone though -- he had the support of Freddy Galvis (who was prepared with a paper cup) and Jorge Alfaro. He did his best to stay dry, but he had some competition … the A's.


Daniel Mengden, and a teammate obscured by the their setup, was in the other dugout being doused in the rain, and it seemed like they had no cares in the world. Which makes sense since they made a rain protector using a trash bag and brooms. These guys could easily survive out in the wilderness with nothing but a stick, a match and a rubber band.

We appreciate the effort and discipline both sides of this standoff showed.