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On National Beer Day, we honor seven beers that spilled far too soon

A baseball game is half spectator sport, half crucial balancing act: Hot dog in one hand, beer in the other, scorecard on the lap. When a foul ball comes your way, well, things can get messy fast.

As we lift our suds on National Beer Day, let's look back at the ones that spilled too soon. 

1. Bittersweet symphony


A spilled beer is a tragedy. A caught ball is a prize. This fan found the joy in the sadness. 

2. Lightning quick reflexes can't save a beer


Great moves, but a smoother hand could have saved this brew. 

3. A Michael Bay-esque explosion


You can try and make a beer grab. Who knows, maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones. Or, you'll be like Thea Vierling, and everything will go kablooey. 

4. The continued saga of exploding beers


Beer cups are not made for baseballs. They are made for beer. When will we learn? 

5. The waterpark


Seriously, how did one cup of beer manage to create such an arc of brew? 

 6. There is no safe harbor


Even at the Home Run Derby, beers will find your cup and destroy it.  

7. The man who stands in judgment


You may have thought you were smart to go for a baseball while holding a beer. Mark Teixeira knows you're not. That's a man who honors the hard work that went into the wheat-y, hop-y, fermented beverage you so callously lost.