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The tradition of Brewers rookies ordering coffee for the team always takes place in Chicago

We love a good rookie prank, especially if it's one of tradition. We've seen the dugout silent treatment after a rookie hits his first career home run, which was something even Yoan Moncada couldn't escape. And how can we forget the outlandish costumes like the one time the Yankees rookies dressed as 80's hip-hop artists? And yes, Flava Flav was there -- well, Luis Severino as Flava Flav.
When the Brewers found themselves in Chicago on Friday to take on the Cubsthe rookies once again needed to provide the rest of the team with a quick pick me up.

According to's Adam McCalvy, the Brewers rookies are responsible for grabbing coffee for teammates every time they play in Chicago. The team is always near a coffee spot, so there's no excuses -- and the rookies are forced to do this in their uniforms, which the fans always love.

We will take a mocha with extra whip when you have a chance, Josh Hader. Thanks.