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This young A's fan selflessly gave the foul ball he caught to a younger fan

It was a warm day in Oakland Tuesday, but that's not why your heart may melt after witnessing this.
A young A's fan caught a foul ball as Oakland topped the White Sox 7-6, in the Bay Area. Following the catch, the selfless kid, sporting a red, white and blue baseball shirt, handed the prized ball off to a fellow young fan who was sitting with his family.

The young fan now has a foul ball on the Fourth of July to pair with his Cracker Jacks -- an all-around perfect day at the ballpark.
It seems fans in Oakland are not only fine young gentlemen, but they're lucky as well.
Ryan Noone caught back-to-back foul balls earlier in the week when the team was hosting the Braves. He later caught a third -- in the same game.
A's fans remain undefeated in being awesome this week.