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During Tyler Glasnow's Major League debut, his Dad dropped a foul ball mid-interview

We often think of a rookie's Major League debut as a nerve-wracking adventure, but we often forget that it's the same way for their parents, too. While the rookie ballplayer has some agency over their performance, the parent -- the one who drove to practices, threw the ball in the backyard and used relentless blind encouragement throughout the formative years -- can only sit back and watch. 
With Glasnow doing his best to squash his own nerves during his debut against the Cardinals on Thursday (5 1/3 IP, 4 R, 5 K), his Dad, Greg, struggled a little with his own. While being interviewed during Glasnow's first at-bat, Greg needed a minute to compose himself before talking about how Tyler "deserves to be here, he belongs to be here." 
A few minutes later, with the cameras still trained on him, the Pirates' John Jaso hit a foul ball right into his section. It was then deflected right into his arms before ... well, rookie jitters: 

Greg later said "I don't want to make any excuses. I flubbed the catch." Sounds like he already possesses the postgame press conference skills of a veteran parent. 
As for the rookie pitcher, he wasn't surprised. "I would expect nothing less," he told's Adam Berry after the game. "He's a funny guy."
You can watch the full interview with both of Glasnow's parents, and the full contingent of Glasnow supporters they brought to St. Louis, below: 

(Additional reporting by Lauren Biondo / Real-Time Correspondent)