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Photo (and video) of the Day: Yasiel Puig took a helicopter ride above Los Angeles

Photo via Yasiel Puig on Instagram.

Last week, Yasiel Puig showed off his new car on Instagram. But, while super sleek and undoubtedly fuel efficient, it turns out that he doesn't even need it anymore -- because the Dodgers outfielder has found an even better way to get around Los Angeles: helicopter.

Follow him is the best pilot thanks bro ��������

A photo posted by @yasielpuig (@yasielpuig) on

As someone who routinely sends objects into the upper reaches of the troposphere (either with his arm, or with his bat, or even the bat itself), Puig seemed right at home hanging out with the tops of L.A.'s skyscrapers. And, most important, well above the traffic.

Woow Nice view ������❤️

A video posted by @yasielpuig (@yasielpuig) on

The mountain view isn't too shabby, either.

So, while it looks like this was a one-off thing, maybe he'll take inspiration from another L.A. athlete and start flying to Dodger Stadium for games. We'd certainly helicopter to work if we could.