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There were a couple of weird coincidences surrounding Aaron Hicks' fantastic Friday night at the plate

Aaron Hicks had a triumphant night at the plate during the Yankees-Tigers game on Friday -- and to stick to the Friday the 13th theme, there were also some strange things and coincidences surrounding his performance.
To start things off, the outfielder hit an inside-the-park home run on the first pitch he saw in the top of the second. It bounced off the right-center-field wall and caused a bit of a commotion:

Statcast measured the hit as having an exit velocity of 105 mph and a 408-foot projected home run distance.
He showed off his speed, sliding into home and displaying one of the most infectious smiles on his face afterward:

Pretty cool, right? Well, we aren't done yet, folks.
In the top of the sixth, he smacked in his first over-the-fence home run of the season, a blast to right-center.

On this one he didn't have to break out the wheels as much, but if you did your math correctly, that is a total of two (sort of) home runs in one night. And can you guess what he did a year ago on April 13th? Yep -- he had a two-homer game.
Of course he did. Oh -- and this happened, too:

There are many forms of #weirdbaseball.