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Yoenis Cespedes rolled into Spring Training on Saturday in a DIFFERENT tricked-out trike

Most Mets spent more than a few moments Tuesday ogling Yoenis Cespedes' ride, a tricked-out Polaris Slingshot three-wheel motorcycle.

A day later, Cespedes rolled into camp in a Lamborghini Aventador that the same man who customized his trike, Alex Vega of The Auto Firm in Miami, outfitted for an extra $80,000:

On Friday, he introduced us all to the tricked-out custom Jeep Wrangler you see up top. But those are far from Cespedes' only vehicles. Here's a deeper peek into the Mets outfielder's garage:
The car: Ford F250
Debut at Mets camp: Sunday
MSRP: $32,385 and up
Customizations: $30,000
Work done: Vega painted nearly everything in this vehicle white to match the exterior, adding some black details. The truck has a new head lamp with halo bulbs, rear LED tail lights, a front grill with the Avorza logo and an LED light bar, a six-inch suspension lift kit, off-road wheels, a custom exhaust system and an Audison sound system.
The skinny: It's hard not to notice this larger-than-life, cotton-white truck when it rumbles into the players' lot. It made for an oversized entrance when Cespedes first reported to Mets camp over the weekend, posing for pictures outside the vehicle.

The car: Polaris Slingshot
Debut at Mets camp: Tuesday
MSRP: $21,499 and up
Customizations: $40,000
Work done: Highlights here include carbon-fiber leather seats and a 9-inch video screen with Bluetooth integration. The wheels, audio system, LED lights, air-ride suspension and exhaust system were all customized to Cespedes' liking.
The skinny: Cespedes actually owns two of these trikes -- the red-and-black version that nearly broke social media on Tuesday, plus a black-and-blue version that features a shamrock and the slogan "Live Lucky" on the hood. The former vehicle cost $68,000, including customizations.

The car: Lamborghini Aventador
Debut at Mets camp: Wednesday
MSRP: $397,500 and up
Customizations: $80,000
Work done: This is the big one. Vega stripped this car "to the bare bone," repainting it a custom black color with blue metallic accents. The interior, wheels and Audison sound system are all custom as well, but the highlight here is the exhaust system: an Avorza model that "spits fire."
The skinny: Even before this Lamborghini received a makeover, it profiled as one of the most expensive cars on the American market. Sure enough, players and coaches filtered out of the clubhouse Wednesday when they heard the sound of Cespedes' motor, snapping pictures with their cell phones. With a grin, backup catcher Kevin Plawecki quipped that his Toyota Highlander would be the next big car to show up in the lot.

The car: Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
Debut at Mets camp: Thursday MSRP: Appx. $250,000
Work done: The customization on this Italian sports car is more subtle, but Cespedes didn't forget to add his own personal flair. In the center of each custom wheel is a small No. 52 logo -- as if anyone could forget who owns this beauty.
The skinny: Though Cespedes debuted this car on Thursday, he has actually been letting teammate Wilmer Flores drive it for most of the spring. That's not unlike Cespedes, who is generous with his auto collection. Wednesday, he let a member of the kitchen staff borrow his Lamborghini for a Target run.

The car: Jeep Wrangler
Debut at Mets camp: Friday
MSRP: Appx. $23,895 and up
Customizations: $80,000 including price of vehicle
Work done: Vega describes this as the "craziest" Jeep he has ever customized. Features include baseball-style stitching throughout the red interior, plus all the usual upgrades to the suspension, wheels, exhaust and dash.
The skinny: After Cespedes rolled up with Vega in this Jeep early Friday morning, he called it his favorite of the five cars so far. "He just lets me do my thing, and he has a lot of passion for the cars," Vega said.

The car: (Another) Polaris Slingshot
Debut at Mets camp: Saturday
The skinny: This is the yang to the yin that Cespedes rolled into camp with on Tuesday, because why have only one tricked-out trike when you can have two? This one's obviously black and blue instead of red and features the words "Live Lucky" under a blue four-leaf clover on the hood.

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