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Yolmer Sanchez and the White Sox were in a rundown ... until they weren't, and everybody was safe

Put the ball in play, good things happen. Sometimes.
That's one of the main precepts of the game of baseball -- if you swing the bat and make contact, any number of fortuitous things may happen (of course, bad things can happen too, but shh).
One swing of Avisaíl García's bat in Wednesday's Twins-White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field showed how random chance plays a factor when you get that bat off your shoulder.
With Chicago up, 7-2, in the sixth, Garcia hit a grounder to third, which created a bit of a mess on the basepaths. A rundown ensued, with Yolmer Sánchez caught between third and home ... but somehow, someway, the White Sox escaped unscathed, and everybody was safe: 

The White Sox didn't plate a run that inning, though they wound up winning the game anyway, 7-3
This series had a few other adventurous rundowns, as Wednesday's happened hours after this experience by Adam Engel on Tuesday night:

... and this experience, also by Engel in the same at-bat as the first one: