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White Sox fans did their best Hawk Harrelson impressions in anticipation of his final game

Sunday marked the end of an era for the White Sox, as longtime announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson called his last game for the Pale Hose. As the primary voice of the White Sox for the past 36 years, Harrelson has left a lasting impression on the team and its fans -- a legion that includes fellow broadcaster Jason Benetti:

The White Sox honored Harrelson during a home game back on Sep. 2 and owner Jerry Reinsdorf recalled some great memories in a column, but the team had a couple more tributes in store in for his final game in the booth on Sunday.
Hawk's fans appeared in a video dedicated to him, where they thanked him for all the stories and highlights over the years. Of course, they had to get in their best Hawk impressions and favorite quotes, too.

We have a pretty good guess as to how Hawk would react to the fans' words.

After the Cubs wrapped up a 6-1 win over the White Sox, both teams paused their postgame routines to wave their caps at Harrelson in the booth, who waved back through the tears:

So long, Hawk. You were one of a kind.