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Carl Yastrzemski surprised Hawk Harrelson during the White Sox game on Sunday

"Hey Hawk, how you doin'?"
Carl Yastrzemski made a surprise call into the broadcast booth to chat with Hawk Harrelson in the bottom of the third during the White Sox's 3-0 win over the Rangers on Sunday. There wasn't a ton of baseball talk, but we did find out what the two like to do in their spare time. 

It turns out Yaz isn't golfing as much as Hawk anticipated, but fishing is certainly a big part of Carl's daily routine -- if you were ever curious what a National Baseball Hall of Famer from the class of 1989 was up to these days. And we also found out Hawk is an avid "Walker: Texas Ranger" fan -- and enjoys the show with a nice adult beverage.
Hawk announced his retirement would take place following the 2018 season and in an emotional interview explained his decision to "primarily work Sunday home games during his 34th year." So the surprise of his former teammate and close friend, Yaz, was an extra special moment.
It was fun to hear the two talk about themselves in a relaxed manner -- and just the day after the Hawk's Star Wars bobblehead giveaway.