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Bob Uecker joined Hawk Harrelson in the booth for a meeting of broadcasting legends

This year marks Hawk Harrelson's 33rd and final season in the White Sox television booth. It's only fitting, then, that he receive a bit of a farewell tour to celebrate his fantastic run.
During the bottom of the third and top of the fourth innings of Sunday's White Sox-Brewers game, legendary Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker joined Harrelson in the White Sox booth. They seemed happy to see each other:

As's Scott Merkin detailed, Harrelson and Uecker go way back. So, naturally, the two started out by describing how they first met in Spring Training years ago.
But, by the top of the fourth inning, the conversation turned to the game at hand. After Uecker explained why he thinks Craig Counsell is a good manager for the Brewers, they both reflected on the biggest changes they've seen to baseball over their long careers. Hawk identified the growing importance of bullpens to making a good team. Uecker used the opportunity to reflect on how he mysteriously made "below the minimum" salary as a player.
Though the meeting of legends was nothing short of cordial, Harrelson couldn't help but throw in some good-natured jabs at Uecker. At one point in the top of the fourth inning, he contrasted his counterpart's broadcasting career with his playing career. "Hall of Fame announcer," Hawk said, "but I can't say Hall of Fame player."
All jokes aside, the two legends ended their inning together with a long and friendly handshake ... or did someone declare a thumb war?