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The White Sox have started celebrating dingers with a massive home run chain

In the second inning of Tuesday's game against the Twins, Nicky Delmonico launched a solo homer to center, his sixth of the season. But this was no ordinary dinger: When he got back to the dugout, Delmonico's teammates rewarded him with what appears to be a gigantic chain featuring the classic '80s White Sox logo. And by gigantic, we do mean gigantic:

And when Yoán Moncada went yard in the seventh, lo and behold, there was that chain again:

But where did this unbelievably cool piece of jewelry come from? How long has it been a thing? Is it here to stay? We don't have many answers yet, but we do have some clues. The chain appears to be a recent addition to Chicago's dugout -- it can be briefly be seen around Delmonico's neck in the video below, from the team's Aug. 18 game against Kansas City:

Will the White Sox start hitting exponentially more homers as each player desperately attempts to get his hands on the chain? How long until one of them is bold enough to actually wear the chain up to the plate? Inquiring minds want to know.