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The White Sox already had a Burr and Hamilton, so they went ahead and added Jon Jay

against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Chase Field on September 24, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Norm Hall)

When the White Sox reportedly signed free agent outfielder Jon Jay on Monday night, it marked an important move far beyond its effect on the depth chart. You see, with relief pitchers Ryan Burr and Ian Hamilton already on the roster, Jay's signing now gives the White Sox three Founding Fathers. That has to count for something!  

In case you don't remember your high school history classes, (Aaron) Burr was Thomas Jefferson's vice president, (Alexander) Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury and John Jay was the first Chief Justice for the United States. Now all the White Sox need to do is hire Ron Washington as a coach and acquire Nick Franklin and Matt Adams and they'll have assembled something really special. 
Of course, putting together the Founding Fathers wasn't the only reason fans, writers and conspiracy theorists were excited by Jay's signing: The outfielder often spends his offseason training with recent White Sox acquisition Yonder Alonso and, oh yeah, Manny Machado.