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Will the Mets unclog their outfield before the Deadline? Cespedes Family BBQ investigates

The non-waiver Trade Deadline is a crazy time of year. With rumors flying and players changing teams, it can be hard to keep up with everything. The Cespedes Family BBQ boys are here to help you stay on top of it all. See also: the Red Sox third base situation, Yonder Alonso , Zack Cozart , the Royals, the Dodgers, the OriolesSonny Gray  and the reliever market.
It's simple, really: The New York Mets have four outfielders capable of starting every day at the Major League level, but traditional outfield norms have demanded that they can only play three at once.
It is safe to say that two of their outfielders -- Michael Conforto and Yoenis Céspedes -- aren't going anywhere at the deadline. Cespedes is locked up for the long term and has a no-trade clause, while Conforto is a cost-controllable All-Star in the middle of a breakout season. Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson, however, could very well be on the move. How exactly the Mets would choose to sort out this outfield jam has been on many fans' minds since they acquired Bruce at last year's deadline, and it seems as if this time around the team will be subtracting rather than adding. 
Check out the clip above for our thoughts on the Mets outfield situation, as well our resident deadline expert Peter Pachinko's prediction for which player is getting moved before July 31.