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A few Mets and D-backs players held a home run derby on the side of the Hudson River

The D-backs took a trip to New York this week for a three-game set with the Mets, which meant one thing: an opportunity to see the sights, from the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty to the Stock Exchange to the eighth wonder of the world, Bartolo Colon.
So while the team itself was focused on winning games, mascot and Official Bobcat Ambassador Baxter decided to take a tour of the city. But, being new to the city, he needed a guide -- and luckily, Wilmer Flores was more than willing to help out. Together, the two set off on a grand adventure, and they did what any right-minded baseball fan would do with a few days in the Big Apple: They hit some plastic balls into the Hudson River, as part of a Play Ball event with New York kids.
Joining Baxter and Flores were Mr. Met, Mets catcher René Rivera and D-backs pitcher Patrick Corbin. The rules were simple: Smack as many balls off a tee and into various objects on the Hudson as possible, including a raft.

Being a mascot of the people, Baxter was all too happy to oblige:

Not to be outdone by his mascot rival, however, Mr. Met took a turn at the plate -- although his swing face looks suspiciously similar to his regular face. 

But while fun was had by all, in the end, there could only be one winner:

Of course, then it was time for the real pros to take some swings:

Watch the clip at the top for the full rundown of the day, and you can view photos from the day right here