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The woman who saved the Comerica Park goose returned to throw out the first pitch

Wednesday night's Angels-Tigers game was a full-on emotional roller coaster, full of joy, heartbreak and death-defying derring-do -- and we're not even talking about the actual baseball.
While both teams kept dry during a rain delay in the top of the sixth, a goose flew onto the Comerica Park grass. When it came time for play to resume, the bird didn't really feel like leaving. And thus, a wild goose chase commenced: Staffers tried to shoo the goose away, only to watch as it flew to a different part of the diamond. Eventually it got the hint and took off ... directly into a scoreboard:

Out of that darkness, however, a hero emerged: Dr. Catherine Roach, a Detroit-area veterinarian, happened to be sitting close by, and she along with Tigers employees worked to make sure that the goose made it out of the ballpark safe and healthy. A happy ending, and a rallying cry was born:

Oh, and puns. So, so many puns:

Roach's reward for her heroism? She got to throw out the first pitch prior to Detroit's 6-2 win over the Angels on Thursday. Considering the short notice -- and the fact that she was out pretty late last night trying to save some waterfowl -- she did a pretty great job:

We can't wait for the inevitable bobblehead.