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Yadier Molina accidentally revealed that he can see the future

A classic trope in comic books is that the heroes never reveal their powers. There almost always seems to be a secret identity of some kind to protect friends and family. Not everyone can be as bold as Tony Stark.

Yadier Molina was pretty good about concealing his superpowers until Thursday night. No, not his legendary arm. That's no secret at all. I'm talking about his ability to see the future.

The Cardinals were trailing the Rockies in the seventh inning, 5-4. Molina was on the edge of the dugout with Dexter Fowler up to bat with a runner on base. Just before pitcher Yency Almonte's 2-0 pitch sailed in, Molina lifted his arms in triumph.

Somehow, he knew what was about to happen.

The ball flew out of the park. Fowler's homer held up and the Cardinals won the game, 6-5.

However, Molina's secret is now out in the open. What else does he know about the future? Does he know who's going to win the World Series? Can he tell me the winning lottery numbers? Or is that a violation of some ethical code among the oracles? Maybe he just traveled to the future himself in a DeLorean and has some advanced version of Grays Sports Almanac stored safely away.

Either way, we're onto you, Yadi. Whether you've mastered time travel or soothsaying, you've been exposed for your foresight. What do you have to say for youself?

Well, now I'm even more confused.

You win, Yadi. Continue your mysterious ways.