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The Yankees fan who caught Brett Gardner's 100th homer got an excellent prize in return

Wednesday night was a big win for the Yankees over the Red Sox. It also happened to be an important night for both Brett Gardner, who hit a grand slam for his 100th career homer, and the 16-year-old fan who caught it, Will Clemens.

The camera caught Clemens and his pals from Greenwich, Conn., exulting in the blast, which was exciting enough, but it got better. As seen in the video above, he was contacted by the Yankees to see if he wanted to make a trade for the souvenir.

Clemens accepted and thus got to go with his friends to meet Gardner after the game, where the deal was made.

Pretty good night at Yankee Stadium for these guys.

Wonder if they got to see the fog machine and strobe lights from the clubhouse dance party, too.