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The Yankees busted out the wigs and got weird on Photo Day

The Yankees have one of the strictest hair policies in the Majors. Facial hair other than a mustache is outlawed and hair is required to be trimmed to more or less resemble the characters from a 1950s PSAs. (That's partially why Clint Frazier's flowing red locks are no more.) 
But on Photo Day on Thursday, the Yankees let their hair down a little. OK, not technically their hair, but the hair of some rando that was used in the making of these wigs. 
Didi Gregorius appeared to be paying homage to Oscar Gamble's iconic 'fro

Luke Voit murdered a muppet and wore him atop his head, while Brett Gardner threw it back with some sweet feathered hair and Aaron Hicks showed off some dreads: 

Then there is this sweet blond 'stached player who may or may not be Miguel Andujar: 

While these styles won't be seen on the field this year, these photos should hopefully let us dream on them for the summer to come.