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Yasiel Puig and his girlfriend staged a gender reveal at Dodger Stadium with a home run swing

Ben Platt

There will be more Puigs. 

Prior to the Dodgers' 3-1 win over the Brewers on Friday night, Yasiel Puig took the field a few hours early for a very special performance. But this was only tangentially related to baseball, though it took place on the diamond: He and his girlfriend, Andrea, are having another baby, and it's a boy! 

As seen in the photo atop this post, Puig busted out a home run swing to break the news. But, lest you get totally caught up in #BabyFever, let's not forget the now-older brother Daniel Sebastian Puig, who posed with Dad for an absolutely adorable photo: 


(Daniel Sebastian Puig, by the way, has his own Instagram page already). 

And, after the game, Puig talked about how the whole idea came about -- and what another baby boy meant to him:

They say the baseball field is where memories are made ...

Congratulations to Yasiel and Andrea on the news! 


And when it was time for the game itself, well ... Puig celebrated the news with a booming homer to center field in the sixth inning: Not a bad day.