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Yasiel Puig made a diving catch to end an inning and gave the ball a celebratory smooch

Yasiel Puig had every reason to feel good in the first inning of the Dodgers' game on Friday night against the Padres. An Austin Barnesgrand slam had put the Dodgers up, 4-0, before San Diego even had a chance to bat.
Once the Padres did get to hit, though, the Dodgers needed an assist from Puig to escape unscathed. With a runner on second and two outs, Hunter Renfroe lifted a high popup to right field. It was quickly sinking, and Puig had to charge hard to make the diving catch.

The inning was over, the Padres remained scoreless and Puig thanked the ball with a kiss. The Dodgers went on to win, 10-4.
A few years ago, Ervin Santana made #SmellBaseball trend:

Maybe now, Puig can popularize the next step -- #KissBaseball.