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Yoenis Cespedes celebrated Masters Week by golfing a dinger off Stephen Strasburg

Yoenis Céspedes loves golf. Everybody knows this. Look at him crush this drive. Look at him wear these sky blue golf pants.
Alas, Cespedes is a very good baseball player who gets paid to play for a baseball team. And this season, he's promised to stay off the course rather than risk injury. 
But with The Masters happening this week, Yo decided to honor golf's first Major of the year by five-ironing a Stephen Strasburg pitch over the left-field wall:

The 419-foot shot had an exit velocity of 112 mph, the hardest-hit homer off Strasburg in the Statcast era. It was also Cespedes' second-hardest dinger since 2015. Too bad Gary Thorne wasn't in the booth to make the call.