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Young artists drew Eduardo Escobar's scoreboard image and the results were ... something else

Children are the future, but in the present, they're better artists than most of the population. During Monday's Mariners-Twins game, the Target Field scoreboard showed off some of these masterpieces. Forget the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery, the ballpark was where it was at. 
Just check out this Eduardo Escobar piece: 

Now, sure, you're saying, "This makes him look like a chef." And I say to you, how do you know that wasn't the artist's intention? The Twins infielder already hangs out with Nic Cage, so why wouldn't he also spend his free time going to Flavortown? 

Another artist also offered their interpretation: 

And this time, it appears that Escobar has been placed in Edvard Munch's "The Scream." 

I can't wait until the Whitney does a gallery show for these bad boys.