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Young fan takes being fake ump seriously

In recent years, we've seen plenty of fans dress up like umpires and "call" the action from the stands. It's a fun gag, an excuse to both dress up and shout at the top of your lungs without the people around you looking at you like you're crazy. 
But for Vincent, a 10-year-old at Saturday's Mets-Nationals game in D.C., it was no laughing matter -- this was a business trip. Look at his get-up!

He even had a real count clicker, which he got from a member of the actual umpiring crew:

According to the SNY broadcast, while most kids follow favorite teams and players, Vincent follows his favorite umps, checking all the replay reviews and ejections from the previous day's action. Keep that in mind when you see him behind the plate for the 2045 Fall Classic.