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A young Phillies fan did the impossible: She beat the Phanatic in a dance contest

The Phillie Phanatic does not like to lose. He is a master of intimidation and the fiercest competitor -- and so, he very rarely does. He conquers all challengers.
But that all changed on Thursday when a young Phillies fan named Laynee did the impossible. She beat the Phanatic, and at his own game, too. She beat him in a dance contest.

Even the Phanatic himself had to admit he'd been bested. The Phanatic may be an otherwordly dancer, but Laynee, who is battling a type of childhood cancer called ERMS, was the clear winner.

It's OK, Phanatic. You can't win 'em all. 
(Additional reporting by Alexandra Nolen / Real-Time Correspondent)