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Watch as Yu Darvish completely freezes Evan Gattis on this nasty breaking ball

Yu Darvish is back this season and along with him, as expected, has come bouts of pitching nastiness. We highlighted Mark Trumbo and Matt Wieters  flailing helplessly at curveballs early last month and Mike Zunino having no idea what to do on this breaking pitch last week. Well, during the Astros-Rangers game, Darvish and his magical arm struck again -- making Evan Gattis look like a guy who was waiting for the bus and then stormed off because it never came:

It happens so much, it's almost like you can't believe it. But Yu can believe it, because Yu threw it ... and not you. OK?

Gattis, fortunately for Astros fans, made up for the at-bat later in the game and Houston won, 6-5.