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How does Zach McAllister's magnificent self-assisted hacky sack catch make you feel?

In the middle of the spotless sixth inning he pitched in the Indians' 5-4 win over the Twins on Tuesday night, Zach McAllister made a play on Kurt Suzuki's comebacker for the second out. It looked like this:

Yes, like that. Like he was playing hacky sack with himself.
Go ahead, watch it again. Let it sink in. Let it wash over you. Let it fill you with all the feelings you didn't know a single play of baseball could make you feel. 
How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel like, uh, what just happened?

Like I don't know what just happened but it was DANG COOL?

Does it make you feel like you just can't even?

Does it make you want to hold your loved ones close?

Does it make you thankful to have witnessed something so astounding?

Does it just make you thankful it wasn't your calf muscle the ball was bouncing off of?

Does it make you feel like you can believe in the unbelievable?

Does it make you feel like you want to throw a party and everyone's invited?

Does it make you feel alive?

Yeah, that last one.