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Zack Cozart let the world know whether Donald the donkey will join him in Anaheim

Zack Cozart signed a three-year deal with the Angels in mid-December, and we were all left asking a very important question: Will he bring Donald the donkey with him to Southern California? Well, your question has finally been answered … but Anaheim will unfortunately not be seeing the donkey anytime soon.
Who is Donald the donkey, you may ask? Well, former teammate Joey Votto promised Cozart a pet donkey if he made the All-Star roster in 2016, and Cozart did just that. So, Votto kept his promise and the world made a new friend:

In a recent interview on MLB Network's "Hot Stove,Cozart explained the latest whereabouts of the donkey. 

Currently, Donald is outside of Cincinnati and Cozart is looking for some land to accommodate him. Don't worry though: It appears the search is well on its way, and Donald will be in California soon enough.

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