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The only thing cooler than a denim jacket is a custom-made denim jacket

Homemade baseball gear is all the rage this postseason. We've seen plenty of Bryce Harper-less Harper jerseys. Astros fans regularly bust out their astronaut costumes. One fan went decidedly family unfriendly for his take on the "Baby Shark" phenomena.

But no one's look is as fashionable as what Emily Greinke put together. Married to the Astros starting pitcher, Zack, Emily keeps a fashion blog of her style recommendations, but none are quite as good as this denim jacket.

The jacket features Greinke's name and number (with "Mrs." hidden on the collar) on the back, ringed in a circle of stars. Then, down the sleeves, she's got a yellow heart and a baseball stitched on one side, with more stars on the other. And since denim jackets are, obviously, the best piece for any outfit, this is clearly the highlight of the postseason.

The look is even better when it appears on field after clinching the pennant.

So, when do players get to wear denim jackets mid-game?