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This baseball player’s ‘eat fried chicken until you die’ diet sounds good to me

Over the summer, a "pop-up" food stand materialized at an auto shop literally five minutes from my apartment, specializing in some outrageously delicious fried chicken -- Nashville style, honey BBQ, and so on, available as tacos, on Texas toast or just as plain tenders.

It's a wonderful development in my life, as I've had no choice but to visit this parking lot tent for dinner a handful of times since its launch. I'd go more often, because it's truly wonderful, but that thought of, "Uh, that's fried chicken. It's bad for you, go have a salad instead" plows through my mind like I want to plow through a platter of "Loaded Fries" with chicken tenders mashed into it.

But hear me out on this -- a "fried chicken diet" sounds delicious, and it looks even better when endorsed by a baseball player as his new motto.

In a recent Twitter exchange with somebody who slid into his mentions, Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish noticed that the user in question had a picture of fried chicken as his avatar. So, in exchanging trash talk of his own, Darvish volleyed back with something amazing ... perhaps:

Is that real? Tell me it's real.

OK, it's real, and Darvish clarified as much with a follow-up tweet:

This is a very solid burn.

Fast-forward to Wednesday night, when Darvish sent out this tweet:

That. Looks. Delicious. I want it.

Clearly consumed by the mythology of poultry soaked in hot oil that he's helped cultivate these past few days online, Darvish then uploaded this video with the caption "Chicken breast in 70 degrees for 45 minutes!" to Instagram:

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He can't get enough, and that's the amusing part of this whole thing.

Darvish used this ridiculous phrase "Eat fried chicken for every meal until you die" as a bit of harmless trash talk on the internet. But then, mere days later, he shows up with a bucket of fried chicken, and cooks some chicken of his own at home later in the evening.

We are all powerless to the majesty of fried chicken, so we might as well just dive in and enjoy it while we can.